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--> Freeze Pads :

Freeze pad or cool pack is a eutectic refrigerant gel/liquid. It is non hazardous, non toxic, inflammable, reusable and made of heavy duty HDPE food grade plastic. Chill pad or chill pack is either made of gel or ingredients that create chemical cooling effect. Usually the phase change material is commonly used for this. The phase change materials are products that store and release thermal energy during the process of freezing and melting. The PCM temperature remains constant during the phase change which is used to keep the product at uniform temperature. These materials are used for temperature stabilization. There are various types of material used for ice pad or gel pack, which maintains temperature for long period & suitable for transportation.




per box


Freeze Pad. 4Ltr.
Size: 335 (L) x 265(B) x 52(Th)



Freeze Pad. 250ml.
Size: 213 (L) x 91(B) x 20(Th)



Cool Pack. 500ml.
Size 200 (L) x 150(TH)



Cool Pack. 170ml.
Size 150 (L) x 100(Th)











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- Transportation of ice-cream and other milk products.
- Transportation of frozen foods.
- Distribution of fish, meat, chicken, chocolet mushroom etc.
- Home delivery of ice-cream frozen foods and beverages.
- Vending of frozen foods for hawkers.
- Can be used in hotels, canteens and caterers.

- Easy to use, light weight.
- Made of HDPE food grade material hence no rusting.
- Non toxic gel form.
- Reusable for cold use.
- Maintain long time low temperature.
- Suitable for long distance transportation.
- Keep the food fresh and stable.
- Good thermal conductivity.
- Large latent heat storage.

- Keep the pad horizontally in freezer.
- Freeze completely hard before use.

NOTE : Backup period of pad depends on surrounding temperature, quality of insulation, opening and closing cycles of box/shipper/insulated bag, initial temperature of frozen material, freezing time of pad.